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As a music teacher, I understand that the idea of fitting one more skill into your day is just plain overwhelming!

I mean, you’ve already got so much to teach.

And now you’re supposed to add storybook lessons in addition to everything else?

You know that integrating reading skills helps your students.

And it’ll show your administration how valuable you are.

But you don’t have a minute to learn how and just keep putting it off until next year.

As a former elementary general education teacher, I found your course to be directly connected to strategies I used with my students while teaching reading strategies, and I love the idea of taking these same ideas and putting them to work in the music room. Thank you!

Summer Farris

General Music Teacher

If you’re ready to gain more confidence in your school as the go-to educator for integrated music and literacy skills… 


You need an easy, fast, simple way to understand exactly how storybook lesson plans work so that you can create your own in minutes. 


The result? Students are creatively engaged with activities and songs that encourage reading. 

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That’s why I’ve created Simply Literacy Skills!

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Hey y’all!  I’m Jeanette Shorey!

I’ve been teaching general music for over 2 decades, so I know what your schedule is like. I know your challenges, and I also know how important it is to you that your students are learning and growing every time they come into your classroom.

That’s why I created Simply Literacy Skills! I’ve been using storybook lessons in my own classroom for my entire career. I’ve developed an easy way for teachers to understand exactly how these lessons work (without all the research or trial and error!) so you can immediately put them to use in your own classroom. 

My proven storybook lesson method will keep your students engaged, increase positive behavior, and put a huge smile on your principal’s face!

Here’s what you’ll learn in Simply Literacy Skills:

You’ll get the skills you need to integrate more storbyooks into your currciulum and give your students more deliberate practice with their learning

AND you’ll learn the lingo classroom techers use, so you can help your students connect to what they’ve learned in their classrooms

Plus, you’ll learn how to engage your kiddos in an entriely new way that’s fun but also one of the best ways to handle behavior in those long classes

In this self-paced course you’ll receive:

  • 8 Course modules that will guide you through all the steps you’ll need to look and sound like a literacy expert.


  • Video tutorials that are short and easy to watch.  Don’t worry teacher, they’ll fit right into your busy schedule.

  • Downloadable Info Sheets to help you learn the best comprehension questions to ask and to remind about exactly which steps to take as you design your storybook lessons.

  • Worksheets to help you run through each step of the process, because don’t we all need to practice new skills?

Here’s a look inside the contents:

Session 1:

Welcome to the course!

Session 2:

Why Make Your Storybooks Sing?

Session 3:

Strategies That Help Readers

Session 4:

Making Predictions

Session 5:

Making Connections

Session 6:

Thinking Out Loud

Session 7:

Enhancing Vocabulary Skills

Session 8:

Asking Comprehension Questions

About the Course Creator!

I’m Jeanette Shorey, a 22 year veteran music teacher, a music composer, a reader, and a lover of silly and fun!  I’ve spent the last 2 decades teaching little ones to make joyful music.

At home, I’m the mom to 2 adult boys (I still like to call them “The boys”  (Don’t tell them!) who are musicians in their own right.  I’m also dog mom to Mickey, a feisty Toy Yorky who thinks he’s a doberman, and Grandma to a black lab and a sweet kitty!

I’m passionate about physical exercise.  I legit wake up before 5 a.m. to work out before school.  I’m an avid reader and water skiier, and a hopeful gardener looking to acquire a green thumb.

learn how to create your own stories that sing  When you're finished with this course, you will know:  The right lingo to use so that you can feel confident supporting your colleagues, The right questions to ask so you can connect your students to those great comprehension skills, The right strategies for your kiddos so that they will learn that reading connects to every subject

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