Outdoor Music Games Bundle


Have fun outside with your kiddos while they review music skills they’ve learned.


Take your music lessons to the next level with our Outdoor Music Games Bundle! This comprehensive lesson plan includes 7 exciting outdoor games that will have your students bouncing, running, and playing their way to musical success.

With activities like Four Square Note Values and Bouncy Ball Rhythms, your students will be mastering musical skills in a way that’s fun, engaging, and unforgettable. Perfect for elementary music teachers looking to shake up their lessons and get their students excited about music.

Get your bundle today and watch your students’ love for music soar to new heights!

Included in this bundle:

  • The Listening Walk
  • Music Note/Rhythm Four Square
  • Bouncy Ball Note Values
  • Musical Red Light, Green Light
  • Musical Tag
  • Music Note Hide & Seek
  • Capture the Flag



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