In this episode, we’re diving into the harmonious realm of music and stories. We’re going to uncover the secrets behind crafting engaging listening lessons that transport your students into the enchanting world of classical compositions and movie soundtracks. Get ready to learn the art of turning melodies into narratives as we explore the 7 steps to using literacy skills for truly dynamic classroom experiences.

**Episode Highlights:**

Step 1: Tell the story of the piece – Every song/piece tells a story.

Join us as we set the stage for a thrilling journey where music and storytelling intertwine. We’ll unveil the magic behind using the elements of a story to create unforgettable listening lessons.

Step 2 – Use the elements of a story to discuss the story of the piece.

Discover how musical instruments and compositions take on character roles, while melodies and rhythms create vibrant settings that captivate young minds.

  1. Characters
  2. Setting
  3. Plot
  4. Theme/Main Idea

Step 3 – Identify the form of the piece and use it to navigate through the story.

Explore the thrilling plotlines hidden within musical pieces. Learn how the progression of themes, motifs, and dynamics carries students on a sonic adventure.

Step 4 – Encourage students to listen for certain repeating patterns and musical elements relate to different characters or the plot/theme.

Unearth the emotional core of music and its themes, guiding students to explore the profound feelings that lie beneath each note.

Step 5 – Use movement or role play to act out the story.

Dive into the structure of music forms, such as sonatas, rondos, and variations. Discover how they provide a roadmap for storytelling within the compositions.

Step 6 – Use different instruments to tell the story.

Learn how to engage your students’ senses through movement and role play. Watch as their imaginations come alive, embodying characters and exploring emotions.

Step 7 – Use the original piece and change one aspect of the story to change the entire story. (What would happen if . . . )

Challenge your students to reshape stories by altering a single musical element. Witness the creative sparks fly as they ask, “What would happen if…?”

Tune in as we unravel the magic of storytelling within symphonies, soundtracks, and other styles of music. Whether you’re a seasoned educator or just starting out, this episode is your ticket to creating engaging and exciting listening lessons that inspire curiosity, ignite the imagination, and foster a deeper connection between your students and the world of music.

Don’t miss out on the episode that promises to transform your teaching approach and take your students on a musical adventure they’ll never forget. Hit play now, and let’s dive into the spellbinding world of Stories in Symphony!


What we talked about:

Cool video of the 1812 Overture Finale with cannons.

Listening Lesson plan for 1812 Overture.

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