Get to know Ms. Shorey!

Jeanette is an Arts Integration Specialist with over 2 decades years of experience teaching general music, choir, and music ensembles from PreK to 8th grade.  She is a certified music educator and has a  Master’s of Science in Elementary Education with a Specialization in Literacy.  Jeanette is National Board Certified in Elementary Music K – 6 and has ORFF certification.  She studied Arts Integration at The Kennedy Center through their CETA program (Changing Education Through the Arts) and at workshops through FAAE (Florida Alliance for the Arts). Jeanette has presented at the county and state level at general music, literacy, and arts integration workshops.  She has also presented at Artie and Denise Symposiums for the past three years.  Jeanette has written a book of storybook lessons with Denise Gagne, entitled, Stories That Sing and is in the process of writing a new book of lessons called, Stories That Sing Too!