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5 November Activities for the Music Classroom that Your Students Will Love

Nov 2, 2022 | Adding Literacy to the Music Classroom, Holiday, Music Teacher Activities, Tips and Tricks for Music Teachers

5 November Activities Your Students Will Love

Are your students ready for a break? How about you? How many times have you heard “When is this class over?” this week? Not only are your kiddos terrorizing your classroom, but you’re super tired. And you still have to get through holiday concert time.

You have 2 choices at this time of the year. . . try to teach all the skills you want to teach the way you usually teach them and just muddle through when your students talk over you, or add some fun and crazy to the skills you’re teaching so your students don’t have to.

Adding the engaging activities with a little silly added is the best way to get your students listening and learning during this time of the year. That’s why today, I’m going to share 5 of my favorite November activities with you, just in time for crazy season.

  1. The Great Turkey Race, by Jim Paillot is a hysterical story about some turkeys who are competing to win the price of being the Thanksgiving turkey . . . until they find out what happens to that turkey. This storybook is so much fun on its own, but you can add tempo practice with bean bags, rhythms sticks, and even do the Macarena with your students! Click the title to purchase this adorable picture book. Need the lesson plan too? Simply click here. You can use this one for 1st through 4th grade.
  2. Looking for a great way to celebrate Native American Heritage Month? Yep, that’s this month. Go figure. The Cherokee Morning Song is a fun way to celebrate, while you teach your kiddos some fun facts about the history of Native Americans. Your students will love this beautiful song. Plus, you can add some percussion parts to it. How about drums, rhythm sticks, and some shakers? You’ll find a teaching PowerPoint for this activity by clicking here. This one is perfect from 4th & 5th. You might even be able to use it for 3rd grade.
  3. I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie by Alison Jackson is another in a fantastic series of I Know an Old Lady storybooks. This one, as suggested by the title, has a Thanksgiving Theme. It’s perfect for working on high to low as the old lady swallows things. You can also have your kiddos play fast or slow, based on what she is swallowing. For example, cider goes down fast, but a dry roll goes down slowly. I also love to use rhythm stick scrapers when her tummy is going “rumble, grumble, mumble (rest).
  4. One of my all time favorite Thanksgiving songs for littles is called Turkey Woogie from Music K-8. This one is just perfect when your kiddos need to get up and move. The best part, is that the song tells you exactly how to move (all you have to do is put the song on and watch . . . you might want to do some modeling for kinder). It works well from PreK through 2nd grade.
  5. Want another one like that? How about Turkey Dance Freeze? This one was suggested by my friend, Kaitlyn. It’s also perfect for littles, and again, the instructions are right there in the video. You’re welcome!

November is a tricky month for you. Kiddos are cray cray (can we say this enough), and you’re super busy with winter concert prep. That’s why it’s important to use activities with your students that will teach music skills but also add that element of fun and silly to your classroom. I mean, why not join in the crazy and create some of your own?

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