Storybook Lessons!

For your little ones

  • That smile on your little one’s face as you read their favorite storybook!
  • The look of pure joy as they move to the music!
  • You can find that here!

Does this sound like your household?  Your kids are fighting; everyone is screaming!  Your laundry is piling up and the dishes are still in the sink from last night’s dinner!  And WHEN will you be able to go pee without an audience??

 Imagine if you had 30 minutes to just GET SOME STUFF DONE?  Imagine that your kiddos were engaged and excited to go to their music class??  Imagine if no one was saying “I’m bored” for a WHOLE 30 MINUTES!  Let me help!  Check out a Stories That Sing activity below to see if it’s a good fit for your family.


Ms. Shorey & your little ones!


Storybook Music Classes


Online in the comfort of your home


Weekday afternoons & Saturdays


Through Stories That Sing classes, your children will grow as music lovers, and as independent, creative thinkers. 

My classes provide a great social experience with other children and a warm, nurtuning environment, safe for expression!