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Resources & Community For Elementary Music Teachers!

Get beyond the chaos. Build confidence. Find harmony in your music classroom.

Aren’t you ready for a change?

You deserve to come to school excited and happy about being in your music classroom.


But, you’re feeling burnt out, miserable, and tired of essentially performing all day long.  It feels awful when you’re not valued by your colleagues.  And those sweet, angelic little faces aren’t always smiling are they?

This is not what you imagined when you dreamed of being an elementary school music teacher.


Being a Happy Music Teacher is closer than you think.  The key to getting beyond the chaos of your classroom and diving into the harmony and balance between you, the happy music teacher, and your students, those smiling, content little faces who just love coming to music class, is right here.


All you need to feel confident and competent in your music classroom is a little help.  You can find that here!

It’s great to meet you.  I’m Jeanette Shorey

I’m a teacher, music composer, reader, and lover of silly and fun. I’ve spent over 2 decades teaching little ones to make joyful music through picture books.

And I’m passing on my expertise to you! With my podcast, The Happy Music Teacher, my blog, and my newsletter, you’re bound to find quick, easy tips designed to increase learning (and fun!) in the elementary music classroom.

You’ll quickly gain the confidence you need to create the classroom community you’ve always dreamed of, while saving hours of time planning… every week.

Best of all? You’ll gain the respect you deserve as an educator from students, co-workers, and administrators.

Get beyond the chaos.   Build confidence.   Find harmony in your music classroom.

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