Storybook Lessons!

For Elementary Music Teachers!

Learn how to use picture books in your elementary music class to teach music concepts while saving you hours of time and engaging your students! 

You know how important it is to combine literacy skills with other subjects… especially music. 

But, lesson planning is hard enough, especially if you don’t really know how to combine literacy standards with music. 

You need an easy, quick, and valuable resource that takes the guesswork out of storybook music lessons… in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee. 

If you’re ready to get the confidence you need to effectively add literacy skills to your music classroom, I can help. 


It’s great to meet you.  I’m Jeanette Shorey

I’m a teacher, music composer, reader, and lover of silly and fun. I’ve spent over 2 decades teaching little ones to make joyful music through picture books. 

And I’m passing on my expertise to you! With my Stories That Sing courses and newsletter, you’ll learn how to easily and quickly incorporate storybooks into your music lessons in a way that encourages literacy skills and increases learning (and fun!) in the elementary music classroom.

You’ll quickly gain the confidence you need to create your own storybook lessons and save hours of time planning… every week.

Best of all? You’ll gain the respect you deserve as an educator from students, co-workers, and administrators.

Find out how to make your own Stories That Sing!

Jeanette Shorey in front of a pastel colored brick wall reading Tiger Can't Sleep

Do you feel left out when the grade-level teachers sit together at faculty meetings?

Are you the only music teacher at your school?

Do you feel like you don’t have a team – a support system to help you?  People who get you, who understand your world.

I can help with that.  I’ve designed a special place just for music teachers.  It’s called the Music Teacher Group, and this community is where you’ll go to finally find your team!

Discover the perfect (and easy) way to incorporate storybooks into your music lessons with Stories That Sing.

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